The Rolls Royce of Coffee Makers

La Marzocco: Michelin-star coffee, now at home

By The Editors
November 25, 2014 9:00 am

San Francisco, it’s time to put your money where your coffee is.

It’s time to follow our obsession with the brown stuff to its logical conclusion. That conclusion is called La Marzocco Home, and it is available now.

La Marzocco Home is an espresso maker. It makes the perfect cup.

La Marzocco’s been around since 1927. Founded by a couple of guys named Giuseppe and Bruno. Based in Florence.

They assemble all their machines by hand. You’ll find them in pretty much every high-end European café.

They’ve never offered a machine for home use. Until today.

Their new GS3 was designed to work like their highfalutin commercial machines, but fit on a kitchen counter.

You can configure six different parts of the machine, from body panels to wood accents.

LM’s site offers online training videos (“How to Pour Latte Art”), a history of espresso and a shop selling assorted other barista instruments, like espresso grinders, tampers and steam pitchers.

Of course, La Marzocco isn’t inexpensive. As in, really not inexpensive.

But then, quality rarely is.

Nota bene: should you prefer a simpler method for brewing a single, perfect cup of regular joe, may we suggest the Aeropress (portable) or the Beehouse Ceramic Dripper.


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