Mind Reader

By The Editors
August 5, 2013 9:00 am

Among the many fetishes of the average Bay-dweller — single-estate coffee, KINK-dot-com spelunking, etc. — little equals our obsession with the data-driven life.

The quantified self. The desire, born of our technophilic souls, to track every quotidian detail of our daily existence. 

Well get excited, SF: the Emotiv Insight is coming, and it promises to track your every thought.

And maybe help you fly a helicopter with your mind.

From an SF-based cog-sci team, the Insight looks like … what? A more agreeable, robotic Alien facehugger, perhaps.

Using five EEG sensors that rest against your skull, the Insight tracks “attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation and stress levels” and pairs wirelessly with your smartphone to record and output data.

Its capabilities don’t end there. Insight can also interpret brain signals to communicate with computer apps wirelessly, allowing you to, quite literally, have limited mental control of compatible devices and software.

And you thought Google Glass was the future.

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