Grub Hub

By The Editors
November 8, 2013 9:00 am

Your average restaurant romance follows a predictable curve from first-bite passion to sexless marriage — explaining the wanderlust of hotshot toques.

For a bit of the strange, turn your attention to Dinner Lab, the rambling, members-only supper club serving gourmet meals in mystery locations throughout the city where the only predictable elements are quality and a limited guest list.

NOLA-based, with chapters sprouting all over the country, Dinner Lab prides itself on unusual locales (old mills, rooftops of derelict buildings, deconsecrated churches) and young, hungry and talented chefs.

Members receive news of upcoming meals and the right to reserve space for two at each table — but the where remains a tight-lipped secret until the night before the festivities.

Because the key to any good relationship is a little mystery.

The first SF dinner will be announced in January with subsequent events following weekly. Expect free-flowing booze, rare eats, mood-lighting and the charms of dining off the grid.

Memberships are currently sold out for SF, but we had a cache of them set aside for fast acting InsideHook readers. Don’t dally.


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