Tequila Sunset

By The Editors
October 30, 2013 9:00 am

Not that tequila ever requires an excuse, but Day of the Dead is this weekend.

No matter your hood of choice, we’ve got the ceremonial water you seek and the cantinas where it’s served.


The bar: Jasper’s Corner Tap
The tequila: Espolón Blanco
Smooth, unaged Espolón Blanco. This is about as clean as Tequila gets, with just a hint of citrus at its edges. For a stopover in flavor town, hit up Jasper’s Corner Tap and ask for it in their sweet-on-sour “Sa-da-tay, My Damies.” Or just point at the menu.


The bar: Trick Dog
The tequila: Tequila Ocho Plata
Tequila Ocho Plata is a single-estate silver, bottled by the year. The year matters. All are peppery, smooth and refreshing, but if you’ve tasted it once, you’ve only tasted it once. At Trick Dog, it goes nicely in the “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but we take it straight.


The bar: La Urbana
The tequila: Marca Negra (Mezcal)
Roost at the trunk of the tequila family tree with Marca Negra Espadin mezcal, now pouring at La Urbana. Peppermint and tropical notes are tempered by a slow and low fire, making this dark number all mysterious drifter. Cleans up nicely in an “Acapulco Manila.”


The bar: The New Easy
The tequila: Suerte Blanco
For a silver tequila that wears complexity like a badge, go for Suerte Blanco – chock-full of herbal notes that make for solid sipping – or try on a fall-appropriate “Pepita’s Fortune” (sherry and pumpkinseed amaro) at Lakeshore’s The New Easy.


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