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By The Editors
September 3, 2013 9:00 am

There are men who orient their living rooms around the TV.

There are men who orient their living rooms around books.

This is for the latter.

Introducing BOOK/SHOP, Oaktown’s love letter to modern decor and the written word, open (and selling online) now in a former horse stable in Temescal Alley.

Despite its name and selection of readables, BOOK/SHOP is less a bookstore than a store about books and how they fit into your life; a place as dedicated to the space you occupy as what occupies your mind.

The highlights:

The SSB-1
Angled and open, like two hands raised for communion. If you’re given to exaggerated religious analogies when it comes to books – as we apparently are. 

The CSB-1
As close as you can get to a TV stand, without it being a TV stand.

And Assorted Artwork
Like this original Lawrence Ferlinghetti poster, in all its beardy and biblically overtoned glory.

Book-wise, BOOK/SHOP collates its stock into collections.

Up now: Collection #12, featuring original editions of everything from the New American Story collection (Burroughs, Creeley, Dorn) to type-design catalogues.

No dusty stacks here, only inspiring arrangements of decorative books and objects alongside lust-list seating.

Looking at you, Eames recliner.

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