Book of Sandwich: Winter Edition

It's time for some hearty eating (think: meatballs)

January 18, 2017 9:00 am

The sandwich. 

Perhaps more popular at sunnier times of the year. But we think of it as a wintertime staple, custom-made for January days. (Today’s forecast: gray with a chance of grim.) 

We don’t mean cucumber sandwiches with their crusts cut off. We mean: hearty, saucy, fueling, delicious. 

Forthwith: our bucket list of the best meats-between-breads you’ll find this season

The Meatball Sandwich, Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store
How to describe the meatball sandwich at Mario’s? It’s a feast, not a sub, and particularly noteworthy for the quality of the meatballs: a meal unto themselves. 

The Pastrami Sando, Rye Project
Our heart is torn, both in terms of venue and preparation, but for a hearty pastrami sandwich, we’re looking, reliably, at Rye Project. We prefer the Ted, with thin-sliced Romanian pastrami and Swiss cheese on rye. 

The Cheese Steak, Deli Board
We’re not saying this best mimics the appeal of a true Philly cheesesteak (Pat’s 4-eva), but if we start hankering for one, we head to Deli Board and regard the cherry peppers as a cross-species adjustment like something out of Arrival. 

The Pulled Pork (With Fries), 4505
Truth: half of this award is due to our weakness for the fries with chimichurri sauce and lemon parsley aioli. But what’s not to love about that pulled pork sandwich that comes with them?

The Grilled Cheese, Cowgirl Creamery
In terms of local cheesemakers, our heart (still) belongs to Cowgirl (and our forever favorite, the triple-cream Red Hawk). So who better to trust with our grilled cheese sandwiches, with the cheese specials updated daily? 

Fried Chicken Sandwich, Bakesale Betty
We’ve previously recommended the chicken sandwich at Naked Lunch, which was a split-the-baby sort of decision. But there’s more than enough room in our stomachs for two superior fried chicken sandwiches, and we have plenty of affection for this Oakland landmark, despite the lines. 

Photo: Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store via Flickr


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