Blade Runner

By The Editors
September 11, 2013 9:00 am

Knives and men: a two-and-a-half-million-year love affair with no end in sight.

For good reason.

Knives are about potential, but they’re also about getting things done.

Bernal Cutlery gets it. More than just knife shop, it’s a temple to blades and skill, from their in-house Japanese whetstone sharpening to their staggering inventory of edges to suit any situation.

You have steaks to trim or veggies to chop? They’ve got kitchen blades to match your technique — plus pointers on how to keep those blades sharp.

Something more special? Go for an Akifusa Masami Asai blade. He’s basically the Hattori Hansō of kitchen cutlery. He makes them by hand. He’s aging. Supplies are dwindling. He’s also the choice of State Bird’s Stuart Brioza.

Camping? You can’t beat the understated carbon steel folding blades of Opinel.

Everyday carry? Have a gander at Bernal’s collection of vintage pocketknives — sharper now than they were new.

They’ve even got professional-grade hair shears and straight razors for the barbers in our midst.

What you won’t find are knife-show phonies.

Bernal stocks tools. You supply the hands and purpose.

Nota bene: Much of Bernal’s inventory can be purchased through their website, but nothing compares to visiting in person.

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