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Valet Anywhere valets your car, well, anywhere

By The Editors
February 18, 2015 9:00 am

God bless a company with a straightforward name. Toys “R” Us. Office Depot. Juice Press. Very little guesswork required.

Newest inductee to the League of Aptly Named Incorporateds: Valet Anywhere, the NYC-based app solving your parking woes by providing exactly what its moniker suggests.

So in the event it’s, say, snowing outside, and you’d prefer not to inch around the block to find a spot before trudging back to your destination, just fire up Valet Anywhere and in a matter of minutes, a vetted and insured driver is there to whisk your ride away.

When you’re ready to go, ping them again and they’ll bring it right back. Meters and garages, we hardly knew ye’.

VA’s on-demand valet service currently serves 14th to 57th streets (expanding soon), and they also offer long-term parking island-wide for just $325 a month.

They store your wheels and bring them to wherever you need at a moment’s notice.

Hell, they’ll even gas it up and wash it if you’d like.

God bless ‘em.

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