Under the Table

10 menu items you never knew about, revealed

By The Editors
September 4, 2015 9:00 am

Ordering off the menu is a pro move.

Wins influence. Impresses friends. Flabbergasts enemies.

Consider it the culinary equivalent to insider trading — ‘cept it’s super legal.

Ordering off the menu when the restaurant doesn’t offer said item, though, makes you a buffoon.

Delivering you from aforementioned faux pas: Off The Menu, a new app for Android and iOS that’ll gain you instant cred with dining companions.

The app unveils a list of covert items at restaurants in 15 American cities, and they’ve got a whopping 61 NYC eateries on the roster.

Plumbing its depths, though, is no task for a busy man. So we went ahead and compiled NYC’s 10 most vital undercover orders for you right here.

Forget common fare like a peanut butter bacon burger at Shake Shack.

We’ve got a massive sharing plate of various cuts of steak at one of NYC’s best red meat dojos. A burger topped with duck, foie gras, bacon mayo and fig chutney. Even a decadent little thing called Billionaire’s Flatbread.

So call up your friends and make some reservations.

Tell ‘em to prepare to be impressed.

Pro tip: For wine recs, download Tipsi, which helps you familiarize yourself with the city’s best wine lists prior to stepping up to the Maitre D’s stand.

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