Banjos, a Hotel and Two Shots of Whiskey

A Scottish Theatrical masterpiece gets the McKittrick treatmen

February 23, 2017 9:00 am

This town is full of performers who think they deserve your hard-earned ducats.

Few, though, can actually make good on that promise (looking at you, “Showtime”).

So when the super-talents behind Sleep No More — that immersive, freeform retelling of Macbeth staged in the fictional McKittrick Hotel — throw a new party, we listen.

Unsurprisingly, their newest production, a Scottish folk tale called The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, delivers.

Get into it while it lasts. Because the intimate affair just extended its run at the Heath through April 23rd, and the tickets are going fast.

What’s in store? An immersive spectacle beginning with a shot of whiskey for all. You’ll then be transported to a living, music-filled folk fable laden with ingenious prose, adults-only ha-has and a supernatural trip to the underworld.

There’s plenty of “intermission” for flowing libations at the spirited Scottish Pub. And for a finale, in classic McKittrick fashion, the show goes on. Take it upstairs to the Lodge at Gallow Green for some cabin warmth or down to the Manderlay for some sultry jazz and heavy drams.

We wish all theater were this spirited.

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