Talk and Bull

By The Editors
October 10, 2013 9:00 am

As a man grows older, a greater number of his social outings include not only his own significant other, but those of his compatriots as well.

Call them couples nights. Call them group dinners. Just don’t call them double dates. Because no.

Regardless, a key element of said excursion is a venue suitable for proper multi-couple carousal.

Right this moment that venue should be Toro, now open in West Chelsea.

Toro’s a big space. A former Nabisco factory with weathered steel beams, ivy-covered brick walls, and … people. A lot of people.

In a good way, though; inspired by the spirited tapas bars of Barcelona, Toro’s got that convivial hubbub indicative of adults having a hard-earned good time.

About those tapas: a small-plate avalanche of of España-inspired specialties, from seared razor clams to crispy veal sweetbreads. We suggest pointing at the menu willy nilly and sorting it out once dishes start hitting the table.

And about that good time: it’s facilitated by Toro’s not-screwing-around approach to cocktailing, including Spanish favorites like the “Calimocho” (red wine and coke, not kidding) as well as porrones – glass pitchers of wine sporting tapered spouts meant for jettisoning thin streams of vino directly into one’s open mouth. Seriously.

Enjoy your double da–

Er, couples night.

Procrastination never got you anywhere – g’head and book a table now.


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