A Dinner-and-Theater Date Night You’ll Actually Enjoy

It’s ‘Sleep No More’ meets ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’

March 27, 2018 9:00 am

There’s a reason the Rolling Stones still tour: people love the hits.

And that same ethos will work on your next romantic outing.

You might be tempted to take risks, but this humble (and female) editor recommends keeping it classic.

For that, we’ve got a three-step date itinerary that includes Italian leather, a ‘60s-style steakhouse and a wildly inventive play at the never-let-you-down McKittrick Hotel.

Oh, and cotton candy. Live a little.

The newly opened Il Fiorentino boutique in the West Village is your wallet’s new worst enemy. Based in Florence, these unparalleled handmade leather goods have been the Tattanelli family’s passion since the 1900s, when theNy began crafting saddles for the local community. The family’s passion took a (necessary) sartorial shift in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the results of which are these brilliant, timeless everyday goods.

Our picks: The Nick leather jacket, the Portofino cashmere sweater,  the Giorgio suede belt

There’s nothing like a bad meal to sour a date. To avoid that, Lincoln Steakhouse is your huckleberry. The nostalgic venue is a reflection of a bygone 1960s New York, with fall-all-over-you service and cuts dry-aged and charred to absolute perfection. If you’re a first timer, we also recommend you begin with the Chicken Parm Pizza and end with a plate of Cotton Candy, or as the Aussies call it, Fairy Floss.

This is where the night really “takes off.” One part art installation, one part theatrical affair, Flight is the newest performance piece from the McKittrick Hotel. Currently running through April 20th (with tickets available here for $45), the play swaps out stages and human actors for dioramas and animated miniatures, with guests watching in individual, booth-like stations with a pair of headphones pumping in the audio. Based on English playwright Oliver Emanuel’s adaptation of the 2012 novel Hinterland by Caroline Brothers, Flight follows the tale of two Afghan refugees traversing through Europe, and previously enjoyed an award-winning run at the Edinburgh International Festival.


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