Khao About We

By The Editors
September 26, 2012 9:00 am

Once you reach a certain age, you need a good reason to go spelunking in the briny depths of the Lower East Side.

Here’s four: pork, unlimited beer, a Top Chef alum, and the Fatty ‘Cue guys, all coming together at Pig and Khao, now finally open.

Pig and Khao’s cheffed by Leah Cohen, who took a culinary pilgrimage to Southeast Asia and returned to open this Thai and Filipino-style joint, where she’s serving fare like crispy “pata”-style pork with pickled mango.

And also serving beer in bowls.

pig and khao 3

Cohen plates everything from an open chef’s bar, doling out grilled pork jowl and watermelon salad, mussels with Chinese sausage and yuzu, and grilled curry lamb ribs with yogurt and pickled beets, accompanied by massive bottles of Kingfisher beer served “Hong Kong-style” in small bowls. (View the sizzle-tastic menu)

Mounted on the wall is a hand-carved wooden “Filipino bike” in the shape of a dragon, apparently on loan from an ancient Samurai motorcycle gang.

pig and khao 2

Out back: an open-air patio perfect for enjoying cool fall evenings and where, for $15, you can pour your own bottomless suds from the self-serve tap of seasonal brew.

And then drink until your spelunking light goes out.


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