Pleased to Cheat You

A night of gambling and guile with the best

August 10, 2015 9:00 am

They say cheaters never prosper.

Allow your correspondent to state her position that “they” are, quite frankly, full of shit.

It’s the cheaters who get caught who never prosper.

The Obscura Society concurs, which is the premise behind The Art of Cheating, coming to Manhattan on August 22nd, tickets now available.

If you fancy the notion but are lacking for shyster skills, Obscura’s Chinatown gambling den-turned-classic Vegas casino is here to help loosen your moral thread.  

On hand: legerdemain expert Sal “the Hitman” Piacente and an assortment of other worthy cons teaching the tricks of their nefarious trades.

All set amid an open bar stocked with speakeasy cocktails and live music from Sammy Miller.

See if you have what it takes to tip the advantage away from the house.  

Candor discouraged. Sharkskin suit optional.

Prosperity for all.

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