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By The Editors
May 22, 2013 9:00 am

Handcrafted products, nicely done. This is Made By Hand, a recurring series in which we celebrate great American things and the tradesmen who create them.

In a single sip, a true wine connoisseur can tell you everything about a wine — the region, the producer, even the producer’s vineyard and the very hillock in that vineyard where the grapes were plucked.

But what most don’t know is this: those crates? That wine gets shipped in? They make for great coffee tables.

And that’s the specialty of Le Petit Monster, a furniture outfit that turns vintage wine crates into tables, now taking orders for custom builds.

Co-owners and operators Moh and Austin run LPM out of the latter’s SoHo apartment. The quarters are tight but expertly furnished … with wine crates.

A Louis Jadot coffee-table sits on caster wheels and flips open to reveal discreet storage compartments. In the kitchen, a pair of elbow-high Margaux desks link up to make a dining surface for two.

Customers not only choose the size and use for their tables – they also help pick out its very materials, from the label on the crates to the type of legs that’ll support them (hairpins and industrial piping are among the most popular).

To start your build, contact LPM through their Etsy, Zaarley or Makers Alley shops.

Their “somewhat nebulous” goal: “For every New York apartment to have one.”

Gonna have to drink a lot of wine, fellas.

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