NYC Icon Harry’s Just Launched a Private Club for Whisky Lovers

Only a few limited-run ‘spirits lockers’ remain. Claim one.

June 12, 2018 9:00 am

Fancy us this query:

If we’re talking three- and four-digit bottles of whisky, do you want to trust someone with your pour?

Or do you want to own that pour yourself?

Enter the just debuted, super limited spirits lockers at Wall Street institution Harry’s.

Immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities and Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho, Harry’s just launched a Reserve Chambers Club. As part of the club, members will receive access to an elegant chamber stocked with high-end whiskys, a vast select of other rare spirits and — most importantly — one of 32 private liquor lockers.

So how’s it work?

Just purchase a bottle and store your treasure in-house. There are no monthly fees — one must simply have one pour left in his bottle to retain ownership and Reserve Chamber Club benefits. Such as:  

  • A coveted brass Chamber card — think black AmEx, but more selective
  • A complimentary bottle engraving exclusive to Johnny Blue, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, Hennessey Moët, Ketel One and Nolet’s Gin
  • Invites to Harry’s exclusive whisky events and tastings
  • Complimentary upgraded glassware with Harry’s-stamped ice cubes
  • Reservation priority
  • And first right of refusal to purchase rare whiskys and spirits

Harrys (3 images)

And for instant big-shot status, you can also send a bottle over to someone’s table — even if you’re not in-house at the moment. Just put in a call and wait for the Thank You card in the mail.

With fewer than 30 chambers left for the taking, we recommend locking your treasure chest down now.

As for what to put in it? We asked Peter Poulakakos, owner of the restaurant and the eponymous Harry’s son, to pick a few favorites.

Middleton Very Rare: “It became a favorite after I visited the distillery in East Cork.”

Jameson Black Barrel: “Best served on the rocks and is a perfect garden-variety nightcap.”

Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey: “The sweeter flavor is enhanced by the sherry and American bourbon casks.”

Glenfarclas 17 Year: “The single malt is on the lighter side, not peaty or smoky.”

Oban 21 Year Single Malt Scotch: “This one triggered nostalgia from my aunts baking with its  gingerbread, caramel and maple syrup aroma.”

And if you are looking to go above and beyond neat, try Harry’s go-to cocktail via the recipe below.

Harry’s Whisky Sour

  • 2 oz Bulleit Rye
  • Egg white
  • Pressed lemon
  • Dash of angostura

Dry-shake and fine-strain over large cube ice (stamped w/ Harry’s signature). Garnish with a maraschino cherry.


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