Golden Rule

By The Editors
November 14, 2013 9:00 am

Quick question: are you a mohawked vigilante cab driver whose last name rhymes with “pickle?”

If no, the East Village of the 1970s was probably not your wisest choice of hangouts.

Until now, that is.

Presenting Golden Cadillac, a boozy homage to ‘70s NYC, now slinging Me Generation cocktails and grub on 1st Ave.

This joint is like stepping into an early Scorsese flick – dark lacquered wood, the brown/orange/yellow trifecta in heavy rotation, and rounded curves as far as the eye can see (Ed. note: the 1970s is where the 90° angle went to die).

Barman Giuseppe Gonzalez, formerly of Clover Club and Dutch Kills, shares a couple of his favorite updated GC renditions of ‘70s libations to please the discerning imbiber.

You’d like: Something strong
Try: “English Style” Long Island
Por qué: “Long Islands are usually too strong, made with low-quality spirits … and way too expensive. We remedy all three issues … 86 Co. spirits (from the Employees Only crew) … Tomr’s Tonic instead of Triple Sec … [topped] off with Mexican Coca Cola.”

You’d like: Something flavorful
Try: Nuclear Banana Snaquiri
Por qué: “The ‘Nuclear Daiquiri’ is an overproof daiquiri invented by two friends of mine at LAB Bar in London. [Ours is] called a Snaquiri because another close friend of mine, Karin Stanley, owner of Dutch Kills, always drinks her daiquiris in pairs. The first one is a snack. The second one is to sip. Karin is brilliant.”

She’d like: A cosmopolitan
Try: Beijing Peach
Por qué: “We refer to it by many names: The Panty Dropper. The One That Pays the Bills. The Pretty Pink Drink. Personally think I’ve made a couple thousand of them. It’s floral. Fruity. Beautiful to look at. The drink in my arsenal for people who want cocktails but something more middle of the road.”

He had us at “panty dropper.”

Golden Cadillac’s also got ‘70s plates from Steak Diane to Shrimp Louie plus a pope’s mitre worth of more outlandish concoctions. Step right this way for a look at the menu.


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