Sleuth Sayer

By The Editors
August 19, 2013 9:00 am

This is a detective story.

About a hardboiled sleuth, scouring the brownstone streets of Brooklyn Heights, asking the tough questions and looking for a mysterious missing writer.

The name of this gritty gumshoe is, well … you.

At least it will be when you check out Enigma: The Show, now selling tickets.

Like a cross between Sleep No More and The DaVinci Code, Enigma’s a cryptic bit of interactive theater sending intrepid showgoers on a mission through Brooklyn to search for an eccentric author who’s mysteriously disappeared on the eve of his novel’s publication.

Groups of ten begin with a street-corner tête-à-tête with the novel’s editor, who provides a missing poster, map and “lucky talisman” to facilitate your quest.

As you follow the map, you’ll be intermittently “ambushed” by a cast of colorful characters from the area’s rich history, who provide insight, clues and puzzles as to where to go next.

One moment you may be receiving visions from famed 19th century clairvoyant Mollie Fancher, the next rehearsing scenes with Marilyn Monroe in front of the home of her erstwhile lover Arthur Miller.

Should your troupe prove sufficiently astute, you’ll conclude in a local restaurant for the show’s dramatic denouement, complete with cocktails and revelry.

Because what sort of detective would turn down a drink?


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