The NY Book of Sandwich, Vol. 3: East Village

Pulled Bacon. Pastrami. PHO Real. Let’s Eat.

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

This was not easy.

The East Village is a sandwich Xanadu.

Don’t think we missed you BaoHaus, Bua and 99 Miles to Philly.

But choices had to made, and made them we did, for the NY Book of Sandwich, Vol. 3, featuring the 13 best sandwiches of the East Village, as told by someone who recently Googled “Is there such a thing as a sandwich hangover?”

Sunny & Annie’s
A grip of weird, awesome sandwich choices here. So much so that I’m not sure I’ve ever ordered the same one twice. I can tell you, however, that this is the order in which I have ordered them, eaten them, raved about them, and once I am through the menu, will eat again: the PHO Real, the PHO 2, the Parlor, the George’s Hero, the Louie, the Joebama and the Mona Lisa. It’s a lot of sandwiches, yes, but I did it for you.
94 Avenue B (map)

Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co.
Pastrami sandwich or bust. It’s somehow graceful.
189 Avenue A (map)

Animals Food & Drink
It’s not open nights. It’s not open weekends. You gotta want this one — and you should. Animals is destination-worthy (yes, Avenue C is a destination), serving a Pulled Bacon number braised in bourbon and apple cider served torta style, as well as a Cauliflower sammy that was melting vegetarian hearts long before the Impossible Burger.
140 Avenue C (map)

It’s been proven that secrets are near impossible to keep, no matter intentions. So, we’re not even going to bother crossing our fingers when we tell you to order the off-the-menu Koreano, which is Chang’s coma-inducing chicken sandwich served with shaved daikon. It’s fuku-ing delicous.
163 First Avenue (map)

There’s a definite reason for this joint’s minimal menu. Their slow-roasted pork Porchetta leaves nothing more to desire.
110 East 7th Street (map)

Mamoun’s Falafel
If you haven’t been to Mamoun’s, thank you kindly for reading, but you are not yet a New Yorker. They have been featured as one of the 1000 Places to See Before You Die. This sandwich is an icon.
30 St. Mark’s Place (map)

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ
Sucker for brisket? Us too. Here’s where to grub on the best butchered- and smoked in-house meats in the E.Vil.
103 2nd Avenue (map)

C & B
Truth be told, this roundup isn’t meant to be for breakfast sandwiches. But the egg and braised pork belly here cannot be ignored. And we’re 100% for making it your “breakfast for dinner” go-to.
178 East 7th Street (map)

Bobwhite Counter
Humble, reliable and serving the best fried chicken sandwich this side of, well, the Hudson.
94 Avenue C (map)

Barnyard Cheese
For how gourmet the sandwiches are, the prices are fair. Regardless, The Whit is where it’s at. It’s two eggs, roast beef, bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, poblano home fries, cilantro, salt and salsa for $10. We’d pay $20 without flinching.
149 Avenue C (map)

My seven-year-old nephew makes a good grilled cheese. But not everyone makes one you’d call a delicacy. Raclette does. Thank you, Raclette, for letting adult us indulge in a fanciful concoction of fromage when it would otherwise be a shameless, albeit time-honored, after-school snack.
195 Avenue A (map)

Xe Máy Sandwich Shop
My partner in crime swears by the Sidecar sandwich with beefsteak and pineapple chutney, but I think fruit has no damn business in the sammy game myself. If you’re listening, same goes for you apples. Which is why if it’s Xe Máy we’re hitting, it will be the Vietnamese Meatballs for me.
96 St. Mark’s Place (map)

Banh Mi Zon
We had to go back and fact-check ourselves to be certain. But it is with confidence that we flag this Bahn Mi as our favorite in the city. Crispy, fresh and cash only. Get it.
443 East 6th Street (map)


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