Clam Dunk

By The Editors
July 17, 2013 9:00 am

It’s hard to argue with a good clambake. Tasty seafood cooked and enjoyed in the great outdoors, cold beer in hand and a setting sun for entertainment.

It’s the setting everything up and slaving over hot, steaming pots where we take issue.

But no more. Now the clambake comes to you. 

Introducing Carolina Clambakes, a crustacean feast on wheels traveling to any locale of your choosing this summer, now taking bookings.

From culinary salon City Grit (they of the shrimp boils, among other fêtes), the Clambakes are mercifully easy to set up. All you have to do is rally a sizeable group and pick a location – say, a backyard, a house in the Hamptons, or a grassy knoll in Central Park (no joke).

Then City Grit shows up ready to rock with portable burners and gleaming silver pots stuffed to the cephalopod with delectable seafood.

You relax while CG’s crew gets to cookin’ your choice of shrimp, crab or lobster (or a combination) alongside clams and mussels. They also set the table with the requisite plateware, claw crackers and brown paper tablecloth.

Before you know it, you’re enjoying the ocean’s bounty along with copious “Low Country” sides (pimento cheese and dill pickle flatbread, boiled peanuts) or their “Asian Cajun” brethren (miso deviled eggs, banh mi sliders).

And after the last of the banana pudding and strawberry shortcake are consumed, CG cleans up the mess and leaves you with nothing but a full belly.

No argument here.


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