Chef Sergio Barroso Names His 5 Favorite Meals in NYC

The Chilean is currently in residence at INTERSECT by Lexus

Give us a day, we’re going to eat around five times: breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktails, dinner.

OK, one of those isn’t technically food, but still: five meals, five plates (or cups) to fill. Why not make each superlative?

Helping you do just that: Chef Sergio Barroso, current chef-in-residence at INTERSECT by Lexus and the man behind one of Latin America’s 50 best eateries, Chile’s Restaurante 040.

Below, he picks out his five favorite meals in New York.

Well, four meals and a cocktail. As you do.

Meal Plan NYC Sergio (5 images)

Breakfast: “I’m not big on breakfast, but if I ever need something to tide me over I like to stop into Chelsea Market for a pastry or a coffee. It is so close to the restaurant and there are so many options!”

Lunch:Peter Luger. It’s a simple formula, but as good as steak gets! It’s right on par with the quality steak back home and reminds me of Don Julio in Buenos Aires, I think it’s the best steakhouse in the world.”

Snack: “I was lucky enough to visit Little Spain this week. I worked with Ferran Adria at elBulli many years ago. All of his tapas are exceptional but the Rabo de Toro (Oxtail) stood out in particular and made me a little homesick for Madrid!” 

Dinner:The Modern @ MOMA. Service is impeccable and the food is very well done. My wife and I fell in love with the tarte flambée and pretzel croissant.”

Cocktail: “One of my favorite cocktail bars is Angel’s Share. We visit this bar every time we are in New York!  The cocktails are consistently balanced with very unique flavors. I don’t think I can pick just one!”


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