So. Momofuku Delivers Now.

Caviar: They deliver all your favorites

By The Editors
January 2, 2015 9:00 am

Sir: it’s a new year.

Resolve to stop eating crappy delivery food.

Here’s how: order from Caviar, the just-dropped app that ferries grub from NYC’s top restos to your door right this very minute. 

Caviar’s been delivering via web to parts of NY for a few months, but now they’ve expanded citywide and made it a one-tap snap to go from “Man, I’m hungry” to “Man, this Corner Bistro burger is tasty.”

Seamless: we hardly knew ye — we’re moving on to delivery from premium spots like Blue Ribbon Sushi, Osteria Morini and Momofuku Má Pêche.

Seriously, this delivery list must be seen to be believed.

And should you decide to treat the troops to kick off 2015, Caviar also offers catering options for teams of any size — no minimums.

And that’s just resolving to be a better boss.

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