Hey Good Cooking

By The Editors
February 26, 2014 9:00 am

Women: they love a good cook.

They also love — God bless ’em — a bad cook who’s willing to try.

Solving for both those culinary scenarios: The FareTrade, a once-a-month, to-your-doorstep box of delicious non-perishables that’ll have you cooking a respectable meal for two consenting adults in no time.

Each box contains four-to-five eats curated by a nationally renowned chef (Brooke Williamson; Matthew Gaudet) and four-to-five recipes that call for those items.

First up: Food & Wine’s Best New Chef Jamie Malone, of Sea Change. Her specialty: cracking crustaceans and sautéing seafood.

Her box contains stuff like pickled okra from Unbound Pickling and cuttlefish ink pasta from Sfoglini Pasta Shop, as well four recipes that’ll turn those items into one lip-smacking dinner (the pick of the bunch: her bagna càuda).

Product descriptions, recipes for each item and a detachable grocery list for the perishables (you want those oysters fresh) are all explained on a sharply designed card from the chef.

And they give online video tutorials if you need additional help. Definitely watch before you start. Trust. 

Et voila, you’re on your way to winning her heart. Just don’t forget an appetizer.

You can’t go wrong with gouda. Also trust.


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