Brine, Wine, and Dine

By The Editors
November 5, 2012 9:00 am

Thanksgiving is the best: you’re not yet over-feted by the holiday season, and you’re unburdened by the anxieties of giving gifts, though possibly burdened by the receiving of tofurkey. Below, your guide to ensuring this Thanksgiving is one to remember.

Get the Perfect Turkey

For an incomparable turkey, order from Lindy & Grundy — their heritage breeds are free roaming and fed all-natural vegetarian diets, guaranteeing succulent, flavorful meat. Call now, turkeys are still available. And to ensure you and yours know how to prepare the bird, attend their demonstration (Nov. 11th) on brining, carving, and trussing your turkey so it cooks evenly.

Pair the Wine

El VinoTo truly bring out your turkey’s flavors, trust the sommeliers at El Vino, who recommend grapes from cooler climates because their lower acidity pairs better with hearty Thanksgiving foods. Their top choice: the Pinot Noir by Ottin, from Italy’s Aoste Valley in the Alps. To keep it American, go with an Oregon varietal — the Gewürtztraminer by Brooks is a great example of a mineral-driven white that can stand up to spice and bold flavors. For more vino options you can find in most local stores, check out our gallery of recommendations.

Buy the Lawn Games

GardeIf you’re hosting friends and family, you’ll want to make use of your backyard. Pick up Jaques London’s Giant Police Skittles, which is essentially a British form of lawn bowling made by the company that invented croquet. It can be purchased at Garde. And while you’re there, pick up a day bed, because after that vino and turkey, you’ll probably want to take a nap.


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