This Steakhouse. Wow, This Steakhouse.

Put this at the top of your to-dos.

By The Editors
March 3, 2015 9:00 am

Steak, man. Steak.

It is a wondrous thing.

And if it’s steak you seek, we highly recommend you get yourself to Steak and Whisky in Hermosa Beach, stat.

A bone’s throw from the pier, Steak and Whisky is the fifth restaurant from Chef Tin Vuong, whose inventive style gave us Vietnamese crèpes at Little Sister and duck confit quesadillas at Dia de Campo.

You’ll find that originality in his lamb pot pie (made with mint crème fraîche) and his cauliflower risotto (no rice, just shredded cauliflower).

But his steaks are simple, and simply delicious.

Vuong’s plating 18-22 oz. cuts that have been aged for 30 days, seasoned with cubeb pepper and sea salt, grilled in a broiler and then basted in a compound butter demi-glace with foie gras drippings.

It melts in your mouth. Quiets all conversation.

For sides, order the warm house bread (served in a skillet with butter) and the French onion soup, which features oxtail beneath a thick layer of gruyère.

Dine with a full-bodied Château Lanessan a la Bourdeaux; finish with a glass of Hibiki 12-year served neat.

Bring anyone you want to impress, and loosen your belt.


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