Family Platters

By The Editors
October 11, 2013 9:00 am

Three scenes you’ll see in every mafia flick:

The botched body disposal, the fatal betrayal and the one where the fellas take down a bounty of red sauce and stewed meat fit for a small army.

Only one of those scenes is worth recreating.

Here’s where you do it: Rao’s, a Harlem-based Italian eatery now open in Hollywood.

The front room is a slightly more spacious version of their notoriously hard-to-book NYC haunt (you might recognize it from this Jay Z video) – bar to the right, white-linen topped tables to the left and classic R&B on the jukebox.

Also preserved: year-round Christmas decor, a kitschy touch to remind you that this place is about food, not appearance.

You’ll want a round table in the room between the front dining room and the patio.

On the menu: four courses of family-style sharing plates.

We’re talking large, Sopranos-worthy spreads of antipasto and insalata. Start with the caprese — milky balls of mozzarella with sweet rosso bruno tomatoes and fresh basil.

Next comes the pasta: heaping plates of bucatini, rigatoni and penne dressed up with robust sauces that rotate nightly.

For your main, go with the double-cut lamb accompanied by a bottle of Brunello. As for dessert: chilled jars of tiramisu.

And that, my good man, is an offer you can’t refuse.


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