Raise the Bar

By The Editors
October 24, 2012 9:00 am

They say the only thing better than a house party is, well, “House Party 2.” But the only thing better than that, is this: Black Lab Ventures, a talented cabal of mixologists who make artisanal cocktails for in-home fetes, taking orders now.

Black Lab VenturesFrom the guys who crafted cocktail menus for Comme Ca, The Doheny, and Cana Rum Bar, BLV will put a tasty end to your dependency on aluminum Bud Lite and neon-lit fast pours.

Simply give BLV a call and ‘splain your party details. They’ll craft a custom menu and then prep the mise en piox and muddles a few hours before your event. Drinks include liver-tickling concoctions like The Drunken Girl Scout Cookie and Halloween fave, the Pina Ghoulada. BLV staffs every position, and can accommodate mansion-sized parties (check out their pics from previous jams).

And because BLV’s fresher than Will Smith circa “Bel Air”, all their ingredients are sourced locally — from the tarragon in your Gin Tarragonic, to the watermelon in your mojito gelatin squares.

The result: cocktails that are tasty, consistent, and easy to make — so nobody’s crowding your bar, waiting too long for a tray server, or so bored they’re willing to watch “House Party 4.”


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