Home Run

By The Editors
December 7, 2012 9:00 am

When it comes to movies, a man will overpay for certain creature comforts. Like Sno-Caps.

Or, you know, watching first-run features on opening weekend from the comfort of your own home.

That’s the deal with PRIMA Cinema, a ninja-black box that hooks up to your TV or home theater system and streams the latest/greatest flicks, available now for your Oscar season pleasure.

This is basically ye olde Bel-Air circuit, but via the Internet. 
PRIMA, like the 35mm studio men of old, sends a trained service provider to your crib to install the device. 

And while PRIMA can’t promise every movie is available, their selection is broad and tends toward blockbusters. In other words, you’ll be watching “Zero Dark Thirty” while everyone else is Netflixing “Men in Black 3.”

As for the picture quality, you’ll be getting 1080 Full HD with 3D and surround-sound support.

Of course this is LA, so streaming first runs comes with a few catches. Like you have to scan your thumb each time. And the service isn’t what they call cheap. 

But when you can invite your friends over to opening weekend at your own mulitplex, Django won’t be the only one unchained.

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