This Is How a Gentleman Has a Toke

Cannabis delivery, elevated.

By The Editors
July 24, 2015 9:00 am

The marijuana enthusiast’s dilemma:

Time for a re-up …

Which means getting up.

Keeping you properly medicated from the comfort of your own sofa: Potbox, a firm that ferries high-quality, Cali-raised cannabis directly to your doorstep.

Organically grown, Silicon Valley owned.

It’s tasty stuff, and the packaging’s mantle-worthy. Each box comes with a quarter-of-an-ounce of two different strains, each organized in corked glass containers and flanked by two pre-rolled joints in wax-sealed test tubes.

Pro tip: if you want to save half for later, don’t stub it out. Put it back in the tube lit end first and close the lid. Poof, science: no oxygen, no fire.

The glass jars sport a thin, tan label naming the strain, genetics, palate and aroma in red Helvetica.

It’s an elevated experience in every sense.

Just sign up, verify that you’re a card-carrier, and tell Potbox what you like and don’t like: indica for bedtime, sativa for waking hours and a hybrid if you want the best of both worlds.

They’ll keep your preferences on record and send you two new strains to try on the monthly.

That dilemma?


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