Water Boarding

By The Editors
August 19, 2013 9:00 am

Gentlemen, let’s give a chin nod to the ol’ activity date. Staple of the man toolbox. Little cousin to the weekend getaway.

This one involves paddleboards.

Introducing Paddle, Fork & Spoon, in which you and your date will be led on a twilight paddleboard ride to dinner through the Venice Canals.

Run by bodysurfing champ Syd Lovelace through his company LA Surf and Swim, Paddle is a one-hour water-jaunt along the canals’ zigzagging flanks, followed by dinner at Siamese Garden.

Simply call to reserve a spot, then meet Lovelace and his girl steady, Kassondra, at Bell and Venice Blvd. at 7 p.m.

After Lovelace provides some quick instruction — stiff top arm, relaxed lower arm (seriously, paddleboarding is pretty easy) — he guides you through the canals, imparting historic tidbits and paddleboarding tips along the way.

He’s also got a dry bag for your shoes and valuables.

And if you’re not in the mood for Thai at the Garden, Lovelace can arrange for something else.

He allows up to ten folks per tour, making Paddle, Fork & Spoon a group date option, too. And you can bring your dog, too. 

The ride back is a romantic nighttime drift lit by stars overhead and the glow of homes adjacent.

Then hopefully it’s homeward – for some romance of a different kind.


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