Bowling, Boogie Nights Style

Mar Vista’s new bowling alley is a slice of the '70s

By The Editors
April 8, 2015 9:00 am


It’s the working man’s drinking game.

The sport of blue-collar kings.

Returning the people’s sport to those delightful, Schlitz-soaked roots: Bowlero, the newly remodeled bowling alley from AMF, open Friday in Mar Vista.

To create Bowlero (How great is that name??), AMF transformed the old Mar Vista Lanes on Venice Blvd into a ’70s Baja-style spot.

Y’know: burnt orange paint. Stone walls.

It looks like that dance hall at the beginning of Boogie Nights, only with 28 lanes and plush leather booths that seat up to eight.

The scoring system is fully automated, so there’s nothing to interrupt your 16-lb. rolls or 12-oz. curls.

They also elevated the food and drink program so it’s chef-driven and sourced from the farmer’s market across the street (menu).

There’s a private room, a bar and several classic pinball machines.

But you’re there to roll 16-pounders down a hardwood floor, strike down ten pins and then do a little dance.

Call it the Jesus and swig on some oat sodas.

Ah heck, I done talked enough.

Let’s go bowling.


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