The Book of Sandwich, Vol. V: New Kids on the Block

LA’s best new sandwiches for 2017, in review

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

The sandwich is the working class hero of American cuisine.

Ham and cheese. Tuna salad. Po’ Boy. They’re the stuff of a man on a well-deserved one-hour break.

Which is the spirit behind The L.A. Book of Sandwich, in which we compile all the best sammies in one L.A. neighborhood.

But today, we’re flipping the script. Rather than sticking to one barrio, these are our five picks for the best new-to-market, must-eat sandwiches of 2017.

Gwen: Weekday Sandwich

Chef Curtis Stone’s butcher/steakhouse isn’t technically open for lunch, but they do prepare a tray of sandwiches, thanks to their on-staff butcher. They feature meats from their charcuterie offerings with a basil burrata spread that oozes out of the stecca (olive oil baguette) like sand through a sieve. You’ll be licking your fingers on this one. Definitely grab one of the donuts from the tray while you’re at it.

6600 Sunset Blvd. (map)

Tinfoil: Roasted Chicken
Highland Park

The storefront of Tinfoil is a liquor store. But hidden in the back behind an employee’s only door is a deli that prepares nothing but delicious sandwiches. Like most great things in this world, these sandwiches are very simple. We like the roasted chicken with shaved parm and arugula.

5900 Figueroa Ave. (map)

Erven: Beer Battered Tofu
Santa Monica

When you bite into the crisp golden beer batter, you’ll swear it’s a fried fish sandwich. The spicy slaw and pickles have that effect. So does the fact that you need a steak knife to cut it and lots napkins to deal with the mess.

514-516 Santa Monica Blvd. (map)

NoMad Truck: Chicken Burger

While their restaurant is under construction, NYC transplant NoMad launched a food truck, which seems to have no set schedule: you have to check either Twitter or Instagram for whereabouts. If they’re near you, snag a chicken burger. Encased in cheese and dripping in a tangy sauce, this chicken burger will likely be the end of your day.

Various locations

Birdies: Birdies Spicy

Howlin’ Ray’s gets a lot of attention, but next time you’re hankering for a fried chicken sandwich, don’t sleep on newcomer Birdies. Their bird is crispy and juicy, and though it has a lot of toppings (slaw, sauce, cheddar), it isn’t piled so high that the meat gets lost. Best of all: you won’t have to brave an hour-long wait. They also serve some delicious donuts and coffee.

314 W. Olympic Blvd. (map)


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