Burns Notice

By The Editors
January 4, 2013 9:00 am

Some families are noted for uniting around a single skill — the Reitmans know showbiz, the Teutels are experts at fixing American Choppers, and the Kardashians excel at having really big husbands? mouths? handbags? careers.

And then there’s the Burns family — they know restaurants. They’ve been LA patriarchs since the 1930’s, when Bob Burns opened a soda fountain in Beverly Hills. Later they opened the upscale Marmalade, which they sold in 2006.

Now their new restaurant, Bedford and Burns is open in Beverly Hills, and it’s a testament to expertise and simplicity.

There’s no riddle here. Simple food constructed from fresh ingredients, gathered locally when possible.

Fanny Bay oysters and wood fired steaks. Grilled artichokes, wood fired pizzas, and roasted Sierra trout (here’s the full menu).

Their bar is also well stocked: Tequila-laced drinks like the Wilshire and the Burns Cup (a mint infused Pimm’s Cup), Belgian-styled beers like the Ommegon and the Pranqster, and California wines (here’s the delicious drink menu).

The room is well-appointed and intimate, like a Beverly Hills manse. It’s framed by contemporary art, mohair velvet banquets, soft wood chairs and a bookshelf.

There’s also heated patio seating. This being the heart of Beverly Hills, you may spot a Reitman.  


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