LA’s Air Sucks. Yours Doesn’t Have To.

Awair will help you to fix it.

By The Editors
July 17, 2015 9:00 am

Los Angeles:

Where the air’s so clean they gave us half the words on the “Air pollution in the US” Wikipedia page.

Air that hasn’t been flushed by rainfall since, let’s see…

What day is it?

And chances are your indoor environment is even worse.

Seeing as you spend 90% of your time there, you’d do well to check out Awair, a nifty new air-quality detector that syncs seamlessly with other smart devices (like humidifiers, Nests and the like) to knock out CO2, VOCs, dust pollution and humidity.

It’s also wonderful on the eyes, encased in a walnut cabinet with a French white grate that delivers you a digital readout of the conditions in your abode.

With a range of 1,000 feet, Awair lets you choose your priorities — sleeping, cognition, allergies, pregnancy — and tells you and your devices how to acclimate accordingly.

You can check via app or simply knock on the wood for the stats, which are displayed in green, yellow and red.

Breathe easy.

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