The 6 LA Gyms Offering Superior Lunchtime Workouts

June 12, 2018 9:00 am

“Life moves pretty fast,” Ferris Bueller warned.

So fast, in fact, that summer can sneak right up on you.

And suddenly, between evening concerts, work schedules and family demands, you’ve got no time to work out. So take a page out of the actor’s book, and go on your lunch break.

Below, you’ll find six gyms that offer superior midday classes — the best bang for your buck, fitness wise. Most have showers, food options and everything you need to carry on with your day.

ss (3 images)

Boxing: Strong Sports Gym

Strong Sports Gym just moved to a gorgeous old warehouse downtown, and their boxing classes will keep you toned and on your toes. Owner Willard Ford teaches a lunchtime class. “It’s for 10 people,” he says. “Plenty of parking. Wrap your hands super quick and you’re shadow-boxing right away. Fifty minutes in, you’re done, showered, boxed lunch in hand and back to work.” (The 400- to 600-calorie box lunch comes courtesy of Territory Foods.)

1318 N. Spring St. (map)

fauve (2 images)

Yoga: Fauve
Santa Monica

Fauve is a small new yoga studio hidden in the back corner of an apartment building on 2nd Ave. in downtown Santa Monica. They have lunchtime classes, one of which will get you sweating. The others are excellent for recovery. They’re still very new, and sometimes you’ll find yourself getting a private session because the word isn’t out yet. No showers, but great bathrooms for cleaning up after. It’s also around the corner from Tender Greens — put in an order to pick up after your class.

1221 2nd St. (map)

double (2 images)

Double Ops Training
Santa Monica

We’ve been watching these guys for a while: they run HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes in the early mornings and afternoons. DOT also has a nutritional focus, helping their members zero in on the ideal diet (they’re big in the plant-based scene that hardcore athletes seem to be into these days). Go with a private session at lunch and get your diet on track, too. It’s beside Backyard Bowls, makers of the best breakfast and grain bowls in the city.

1317 7th St. (map)

sanctuary (3 images)

Sanctuary Fitness
Arts District

Sanctuary is a smaller and better version of Equinox, complete with showers and towels so you’re in and out. Their HIIT classes come with all of the new gear, including the back-busting water row machines. For lunchtime stop-ins, we like their cycling class. Buyer beware: food options are scarce over there, so bring a post-workout meal.

3443 Jackson Street (map)

Lock Box L
Mid City

Lock Box runs HIIT classes, and while it feels very lo-fi, it’ll get you into high gear faster than you can drop a medicine ball. They do not have showers, but you can cool down and grab a bite a few blocks away at Paper or Plastik.

5925 Pico Blvd. (map)

kin (2 images)

Kinship Yoga
Highland Park

If you’re over on the eastside around lunchtime, drop into Kinship Yoga for some midday recentering. Some days are sweaty, others are more meditative. Both Good Girl Dinette and Kitchen Mouse are nearby offering healthy food, and the studio has free bottled water, showers and a beautiful setting: think exposed-brick, wood beams and natural lighting.

5612 N Figueroa St. (map)

Nota bene: it pays to invest in some good gym clothes. We like both Rhone and Olivers. Rhone looks great, fits well and doesn’t wear out after multiple uses. Olivers uses natural fibers like merino wool, which dries super quick and is odor resistant (we wear this when biking to work and don’t have to change).

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