Like Riding a Bike. Actually, It Is Riding a Bike.

Rapha’s throwing a party. Suit up and ride out.

September 2, 2015 9:00 am

Some things are just better in fall.

Foliage. Sundays. And pretty much anything that involves physical exertion and the out-of-doors.

Like: biking.

Unless you’re a fan of back sweat and summer gridlock, cycling our fair city is infinitely more enjoyable in that crisp autumn air.

Here to help you prepare: the road warriors at Rapha, who are bringing all the cycling gear a man could want to Lincoln Park at their first ever Chicago pop-up.

Opens tomorrow with a grand opening shindig. All of your favorite local bike shops will be there.

You should be there, too.

Because Rapha makes clean, stylish, Golden Era-inspired cycling threads that play from the path to the pub and everywhere in between.

And their pop-up is more than just a brick-and-mortar.

In addition to peddling their latest gear — which, for the uninitiated, caters to both pro (see: the Club Jersey) and fair-weather (see: the Cutter’s Shirt) riders — the Rapha crew is hosting events and rides all throughout September.

On our list: 

  • A Cross Vegas World Cup viewing party, with all proceeds going to help Friends of the Big Marsh — the crew working hard to make the massive Big Marsh Bike Park on the Southside a reality
  • A city architecture tour
  • A 60-mile ride to the north suburbs that will likely “start with espresso and end with delicious donuts,” co-led by the Heritage Race Club

You’re gonna want the right gear — road bike, shoes, water bottle — for the last one.

We know a place that can suit you up.

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