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Brave New World

The Winnebago Brave. Rebooted, better than ever.

  • 15 July 2014

The Winnebago!

Harbinger of open Midwestern roads. Symbol of spend-the-inheritance freedom. It’s the platonic ideal of RVs and nemesis to Spaceballs everywhere.

And it’s also back: introducing the completely rejiggered-for-the-future Winnebago Brave, available now.

A sexy mobile bungalow modeled after the original 1970 model, the Brave sports the same throwback charm with updated modern construction and accoutrements.

Steel frame. Fiberglass roof. GPS and Bluetooth sound system. A power-lift bunk bed hidden in the eyebrow.

A queen size in the back. And a powered patio awning.

So, you know, good for tailgating, too.

Under the hood: a 362-horsepower Triton V10 engine with a five-speed automatic transmission. Trust it can handle some off-the-beaten-path adventures.  

You just gotta go out and find ‘em.

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Winnebago Brave

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