Mmmm … Sandwiches. All the Sandwiches.

Jibarito! Jim Shoe! Nom nom nom.

By The Editors
August 17, 2015 9:00 am

Every time you buy a sandwich, you gamble.

When it’s bad, it’s terrible.

But when it’s good, the results can be transformative.

So with that in mind — and in honor of National Sandwich Month — we give you the Chicago Book of Sandwich, a gut-busting celebration of the noble art of slapping meat to bread.

A word of caution: contents within may make your sad desk lunch even sadder.

Inside: five fabled Chicago heroes — if you haven’t tried ’em, you are doing it wrong.

You want a sub with cuts of roast beef, corned beef and gyro meat? Get in here.

You want breaded steak doused in meat sauce on a crunchy French roll? That’s really specific, but yes. You got it.

But before you click in, a quick note on nomenclature:

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Long answer, short: No.

This is Chicago. A hot dog is a hot dog. 

But since we got nothing but love, we included one of its freaky tubular cousins.

They call it the Mother-in-Law.

Consider it a gamble.

Nota bene: All you eat is sandwiches, you say? Then we recommend perusing the New York Times’ Field Guide to the American Sandwich.

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