Dining With Stars

By The Editors
November 15, 2013 9:00 am

Sure, you could go home tonight, kick back and watch Top Chef.

Or you could go home tonight, kick back and have a Top Chef cook for you.

That’s precisely what’s on offer from former Top Chef contestant and acclaimed Chicago chef Takashi Yagihashi, now making private house calls with a new (and aptly named) service Take Home Takashi.

Hot off his fourth consecutive Michelin-star-year at Takashi and, of course, slinging ramen at Slurping Turtle, Chef T and his small team will grace your kitchen and cook a French Japanese fête starting at $100 per head.

Chef Takashi works with you on everything from wine recs to sake pairings, table settings to menu creation.

Expect one-off twists on his signature dishes, like scallops with soba gnocchi topped with celery-root parmesan foam. Or his crudo of baby octopus, Hokkaido scallop and Maine cuttlefish.

Chef will source the ingredients and, like an Iron Chef would, handle the service and explain each course.

So give Chef Takashi a call for the meal of a lifetime.

No reservations necessary.


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