Uncommon Grounds

By The Editors
February 26, 2014 9:00 am

From local craft beer and small-batch spirits, to, well, more local craft beer and small-batch spirits, Chicago loves a homegrown drink.

But let us not forget our other brew culture. Because something’s gotta stir you come the morning after Malort.

Now caffeinating your A.M. hours: Roastolo, a marketplace that delivers fresh local coffee from the city’s top roasters.

Roastolo specializes in jumpstarting workplaces. As in: they’ll come to your office (pro bono) humping fancy equipment and a bounty of beans so you and the chums can taste-drive some new perks.

Why free? Because they want you to drink better coffee. And because Starbucks is kettle-burnt palate-cide. Don’t even get us started on K-Cups.

What to try? You can’t go wrong with Intelligentsia. But we wholeheartedly suggest you get on the super-micro level. Like Bow Truss and PassionHouse, or the Wormhole’s Halfwit and the one-man roast show that is Grinderman.

All freshly roasted on-demand and delivered to you sans mustachioed snark.

We’ll drink to that.


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