Time Travel Is Coming to Chicago in 2017

Who’s up for a New Year’s voyage in a historic Pullman train?

November 21, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s to the romance of rail.

All of the fabled, Whitman-ian majesty of these here amber waves; none of the TSA.

What could possibly improve it?

Best answer: a final destination of 2017.

Pullman Rail Journeys — dogged devotees to the golden era of train travel — is offering a roundtrip New Year’s Eve package to New York City in their original Pullman Palace Cars, and a well-heeled fella like yourself would do well to climb aboard.

If you’re wishing you were alive during post-war America, this’ll cut the custard. Painted in Omaha Orange and Pullman Green with a gold stripe, the “Empire Builder” scheme of these cars was typical of “heavyweight” locomotives during the era.

The interior of the vintage cars has been resurrected with careful fidelity to their original Art Deco style: metal surfaces elegantly pair with powder blue and gold upholstery banquettes and mid-century decor.

But it’s as much about the service as the amenities. Expect a full fleet of personnel: Pullman conductors, porters, lounge car attendants, waiters and kitchen staff at hand around the clock clad in starched garb and white gloves.

Not that they sacrifice modern amenities. Sleeper cars can accommodate one or two persons; you can also indulge in a “master” suite or opt for a “roomette,” a scaled-down version of the one-bedroom suites. All rooms have a sink and toilet as well, and wifi is available in all cars.

To complete the historic journey, guests will be regaled at the “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue,” The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC. The trip’s denouement is then capped-off with a plush New Year’s Eve dinner party at “The View” atop the Marriott Marquis.

The damage? $5,770.

Hey, no one said time travel would come cheap.

Photos: Pullman Rail Journey


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