Dinner Plan: Meet Chicago’s First Dedicated Darts Bar

Call it adult ‘game’ night

December 12, 2017 9:00 am

Memorable date nights. We all strive for it.

Sure, some eats. A few drinks. But why not add an extra level of friendly competition? That’s where a good ol’ fashioned game night comes in.

We’re not talking about board games, but gamey meats, darts, and a hidden speakeasy that will ensure your date night is right on target.

Three stops. Two players. One night. Here are the rules.

Step One: The Dinner
Start your game night off with a game-filled dinner at GT Prime. Far from your typical steakhouse, the River North restaurant is downright handsome. The scene is dark, plush, and heavily focused on what they do well: meat. Opt for creating your own combo of petite cuts of venison, bison, lamb or beef. If you’re really feeling adventurous split The Carnivore with your date, a platter of sliced beef filet and strip loin, as well as venison and American wagyu.

GT Prime, 707 N. Wells St., www.gtprimerestaurant.com

Step Two: The Darts
Stroll a few blocks south to Chicago’s first dedicated dart bar, Point & Feather. The expansive bar features cozy nooks where you and your date can play darts or pool, while sipping crafted gin-focused cocktails. The library-like coves are also perfect for recharging between games. You know, in case the competition gets a little too heated.

Point & Feather, 113 W. Hubbard St., www.pointandfeatherchicago.com

Step Three: The Drifter
The Drifter is the definition of sexy. You’ll be victorious if you can find it hidden away behind a secret door under the famous Green Door Tavern. The tiny speakeasy is known for nightly live burlesque shows, which can be quite entertaining after a tipple or two. Which brings us to the cocktail menu – it changes frequently and is presented on a set of custom tarot cards. Whatever drink you choose, the end of your night will be filled with good fortune here.

The Drifter, 676 N. Orleans St., www.thedrifterchicago.com

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