New Barware From Dunkin’ and Martha Stewart Finds an Audience

Three of the four items in their collaborative collection are already sold out

Barware from Dunkin'
If you predicted a Martha Stewart/Dunkin' collaboration this holiday season, you might just be psychic.

Do you enjoy your martinis with some caffeine in the mix? Apparently a significant number of people do; enough, at the very least, to inspire a collaboration between Martha Stewart and Dunkin’. More specifically, a barware collaboration between Martha Stewart and Dunkin’ — all the better to make espresso martinis with, evidently.

This is not, to paraphrase classic comic book covers, a dream, a hoax or an imaginary story; instead, as VinePair reports, it’s something you can purchase online at Dunkin’s website. Or at least you could purchase that online. As of this writing, three of the four items in the collaboration have sold out. Three different martini glasses, available in green, light pink and dark pink, are no longer available, at least for the time being.

A hot pink cocktail shaker with a 25-ounce capacity is still available, however. That one will set you back $25.

As VinePair’s Pete O’Connell notes, this collaboration isn’t entirely unexpected. Earlier this month, Stewart revealed an espresso martini recipe that used espresso from Dunkin’ as a way to simplify the preparation of the cocktail in question. The cocktail shaker mentioned above was prominently featured in the Instagram post in which Stewart shared the recipe — dubbed the “Dunkentini.”

How the Espresso Martini Took Over America
Cocktail trends come and go. Is this one here to stay?

While it might have been inexplicable to consider this a few years ago, the espresso martini seems to be having something of a renaissance these days. Data from 2022 suggests that demand for it increased dramatically last year, cracking the top 10 most-ordered cocktails nationwide.

Make your predictions now as to what might be next for the world of booze and coffee. At this time next year, will we see Tim Horton’s touting a dedicated coffee Old Fashioned kit? At this point, all bets are off.


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