Hello, Best Parking Spots in Town. Hello.

Hate parking? You need this.

By The Editors
April 23, 2015 9:00 am
Hello, Best Parking Spots in Town. Hello.

Parking in Chicago can be a hassle.

Shifty street-cleaning schedules.

Soulless meter maids.

The fact that the City of Chicago believes we deserve the most expensive paid parking in North America.

No, what we really deserve: Luxe Valet, the new outfit offering on-demand valet services in Chicago’s trickiest parking areas, taking members now.

Luxe comes to us by way of San Francisco — a strange land of year-round farmers’ markets where citizens also suffer from dire parking straits.

How it works: simply download the app and tell it where you’re heading.

Arrive. Give the blue-jacketed valet your keys. They’ll keep the whip safe.

For a little extra, they’ll even wash it and top off your tank.

When you’re ready hit the road, just say the word and they’ll bring your ride wherever you are.

The best part: you actually end up paying less hourly than if you hit a meter.

Luxe is currently on a slow roll-out in River North and Downtown, with other ‘hoods to follow. Just sign up and they’ll keep you in the loop.

And it won’t be by parking boot.

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