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A surfeit of travel tech from those who know it best

  • 13 December 2013

This one’s in memory of the compass.

Compact. Reliable. Able to point you north.

But it doesn’t light up. Never talks. Hell – it can’t even instantaneously blast that photo of you riding a camel to every person you’ve ever met.

For a glut of travel gadgets that can do it all, head over to the Hot Spot Tech Pop-Up, a holiday boutique curated by the globetrotting gurus at Travel + Leisure, open today at the new Thompson Chicago.

Hot Spot features doodads from Apple, Sony, Audio-Technica and many more.

Things you don’t want to miss: the WiFi-friendly Samsung Nx300 camera, the ultra portable Canon Vixia Mini and the lifesaving Innergie Pocket Cell Duo.

In addition to electronics, expect luggage and wares from Victorinox, including – yes – a few beautifully engraved Swiss Army Knives.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the T+L editors, who’ll share industry knowledge you simply won’t find elsewhere: the best beaches to visit right now, how to pack like a pro, and how to get the best bang for your mile-bucks, to name a few.

While the shop is open to the public, the editor sessions are RSVP only.

Safe travels, gents.

The Specifics

Hot Spot Tech Pop-Up

The Thompson Chicago
21 E. Bellevue
(312) 266-2100
This Weekend Only
Fri - Sat: 11AM to 8PM
Sun: 11AM to 6PM

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