Beer! Black Friday Beer! Get Some.

A tasting guide to Goose Island’s 2014 BCS lineup

By The Editors
November 21, 2014 9:00 am

Black Friday in other cities: just a big-box thing.

But here in Chicago, Black Friday means barrel-aged beer.

More specifically: Goose Island’s legendary Bourbon County Stout series, set for its annual Black Friday release.

If you haven’t tried these stouts, you must.

Complex tastes. They pair well with specific foods.

So to prepare your palate, we present Bourbon County Stout: A Taster’s Guide, available now for your stout-supping pleasure.

Inside you’ll get insights and tasting notes on this year’s lineup from Mike Siegel, manager of innovations at Goose.

He’s basically the gatekeeper to one of the most influential barrel-aging programs in the country, and in short: he’s an admirable guy to share a beer with.

Says Siegel, “a day doesn’t go by in the year where I don’t do something with this beer.”

It’s a laborious beer. Takes a year to make. A full sensory experience.

“You’re gonna experience the most out of this beer at room temperature,” Siegel tell us. “Treat it like a whiskey.”

And like whiskey, enjoy it one sip at a time.

Cheers, and enjoy the guide.

Photos: Sandy Noto


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