You Could Own Elton John’s 1987 Ferrari Testarossa

The supercar is being auctioned off

Elton John performs onstage at the 28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards
Elton John performs onstage at the 28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards
Michael Kovac/Getty

Elton John is known for many things — his long and storied career in music chief among them. But he also has a number of other passions, from his deep love of soccer to his charity work for AIDS prevention. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, he contains multitudes. And here’s where we’ll diverse somewhat from Whitman, who never wrangled with Italian supercars in his poetry. It turns out that John also has excellent taste in cars — and one especially iconic car he once owned is now being auctioned off.

That would be a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa that John’s label gave him as a birthday gift in the spring of that year. At Jalopnik, Owen Bellwood has more details on the sale — and explains what someone could expect to pay for this vehicle where musical and automotive history converge.

Shannons is handling the auction, and expects the vehicle to sell for between $300,000 and $350,000. In 2001, the same Ferrari was auctioned off via Christie’s; at the time, it had just 7,434 miles on the speedometer. In the 20 years since then, that number has gone up to 10,733. The winning bidder will also receive a letter from Elton John confirming that this is indeed the car he once owned.

This particular Testarossa seems to have aged well, and the model itself has continued to command respect long after the cars were made. A new generation has found plenty to like about the Testarossa — like Elton John’s music, it’s a classic for a very good reason.

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