How to Win the Airstream of Your Dreams, Plus the Truck to Tow It

The Caravel trailer is the star, but the Ram 1500 is no slouch

August 5, 2022 10:58 am
An Caravel 20FB travel trailer from Airstream sits on a beach with string lights behind a Ram 1500 Limited truck. Here's how to win both from Omaze.
If you win this twofer, feel free to take it surfing, hiking, or just park it out front and admire it.

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In partnership with Omaze

There are plenty of reasons your Airstream dreams may be as yet unfulfilled. Maybe the pandemic-fueled RV backlog has kept you from putting your name on the list. Maybe you’ve been halfheartedly hunting for a retro road-trip-mobile. There’s also the likelihood that an $80,000 travel trailer just hasn’t been a priority on your shopping list.

The biggest headache, though, as anyone who has dabbled in the travel-trailer market knows, is that these RVs are merely the first item on a laundry list of expenses. You’ve got to furnish that Airstream and, of course, acquire a truck that can tow it. 

Omaze understands the full extent of the Airstream experience, which is why the fundraising platform is currently giving away not only a Caravel 20FB, a roomy single-axle trailer that sleeps four, but also a Ram 1500 Limited truck and all the fixings you’ll need to hit the road. From now through August 27, you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win what is quite possibly the ultimate plug-and-play off-grid setup. Go ahead, close your eyes and picture this twofer in your driveway. 

Donations for this sweepstakes will support the MuttNation Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for the adoption of shelter pets as well as spay and neuter initiatives. By entering for a chance to win the Airstream trailer and Ram truck, you can also support a great cause, but there’s no donation or payment necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes. 

A Ram 1500 Limited pickup truck parked in the woods next to an Airstream Caravel 20FB, both of which Omaze is giving away
The Caravel 20FB maximizes space and sleeps up to four, but features a lightweight design.

Should you emerge victorious when the winner is announced around September 14, you’re not only getting the iconic silver bullet in an easy-to-tow package (the Caravel 20FB is a supremely manageable 20 feet whereas the longest Airstream models can run up to 33 feet), you’re also getting a full-size memory foam mattress, a raft of premium kitchen appliances and modern built-ins in the bathroom. Those who are new to RVing will certainly welcome the creature comforts, while veterans will know just how crucial those amenities are. 

If you’re not versed in the modern Airstream lineup, the Caravel model is the second smallest of the classic aluminum-shelled models, with a focus on maximizing space in a lightweight design. While the current Caravel is contemporary in terms of style (neutral tones for putting your own spin on the decor) and the included facilities (sleek cooking area, bathroom, shower), the name actually debuted at the company back in the mid-’50s, which means it’s been worth keeping around for seven decades. That’s saying something. 

The interior of an Airstream Caravel 20FB travel trailer being given away by Omaze
There’s plenty of room to customize the Caravel any way you want.

You can head over to Airstream to read the full breakdown on the Caravel 20FB, if you want to see the entire scope of what you could win. But if you do, you’re also going to see the best reason to put your name in the hat with Omaze: “Due to high demand, wait times for new products are longer than normal.”

No, the supply-chain snags are still not over, especially not in the RV world. If you’re keen to skip the line and enter for a chance to win this Omaze sweepstakes in time for a jaunt through the fall foliage with the family (whether that’s your partner and kids, or even just you and the pandemic dog) packed into a new Airstream trailer and Ram truck, you can enter for a chance to win both through August 27.


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