The Future of Driving Is Not Driving

Sit back and relax, ℅ Volvo’s self-driving Concept 26

By The Editors
November 20, 2015 9:00 am

Fact: The average one-way daily commute is 26 minutes.

Consider to and fro, and we’re talking about one hour of travel a day. Multiply that by 262 workdays a year, and you’re throwing at least 262 hours (about 11 days) a year out the window.

That is of unless you’re rolling a Concept 26, Volvo’s take on the self-driving car, unveiled this week at the LA Auto Show.

This is practical, sound design. What you won’t find is a futuristic full car mock-up. Instead: a re-imagined interior that provides a modular driving experience that can be adapted to the driver’s needs and desires.

It’s all based on a patented seat design that includes three modes: Drive, Create and Relax. Drive, as one might conclude, is for driving. Flip on autopilot and you’ll be able to switch to Create mode, where the driver seat slides back and the center console becomes a full multimedia work station. Relax is perhaps the most impressive of all, as the seat becomes a fully reclined chair with a leg rest, while the passenger-side dash reveals a 25-inch screen.

The Swedish automaker is aiming for its first full fleet of its self-driving cars in 2017. Until then, enjoy your drive home.

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