This Vintage Camper Is Don Draper’s Apartment on Wheels, Basically

Only two of these restored fiberglass beauties remain

October 30, 2018 9:00 am

If Don Draper had pulled up to that Howard Johnson with a camper in tow, it would undoubtedly have been this one: a 1961 Holiday House Geographic Model X, designed by icon-making industrial engineer Chuck Pelly.

Mad Men was fictional, but the Holiday House Geographic is real — and now, one of the remaining editions is up for sale.

Originally touted as a “trailer for the rich,” just seven fiberglass campers were produced. The factory burned down in 1962, and according to Flyte Camp, which restored this edition, the Model X’s molds were later discarded. Only two still exist, and this one is for sale — with a slight bump up to $250,000 from its initial ask of $8,500. (In 2018 money, that would have been $71,000.)

So, it’s clearly a good investment, but what else are you getting for your money? Per Curbed, black walnut-skinned interiors, a two-burner cooktop and stainless-steel fridge, and plenty of seating/sleeping in custom-upholstered lounges. The sizable bathroom offers both a dressing area and space for a toilet and teak-floored shower.

Fun fact: Pelly, the designer, also worked on the set design for the original Lost in Space; he’s now best known as the founder of Design/works USA, a BMW consultancy.

Here’s hoping the vintage decanter set pictured is included. Bring your own alcohol and existential terrors.

Photo: Tim Cash, courtesy of Flyte Camp (via Curbed)

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